How do your energy price predictions compare with equivalent organisations? Are your peers in different sectors looking at energy on an enterprise-wide basis? Are you ahead or behind in taking energy into product and service development, or identifying energy-related markets for expansion?

This information can be invaluable to the board when approving the ambition and shape of an energy strategy. The Energy Benchmark Survey (EBS) will rate your strategy against comparable organisations and the market overall in key areas such as:

• Spend on energy management versus absolute energy spend

• The sensitivity of different organisations to rising energy costs

• The main energy opportunities for your sector

• The progress being made against these opportunities

• The 12 components of a contemporary energy management strategy

• The top rated onsite renewable opportunities for 2012

• The suitability of ESCO models to your type of business

• The degree to which different internal functions are being engaged

• The policies that companies will be engaging with over the next 24 months

Sharing information is key to successful social business strategies. The EBS will reflect the opinions of 250 Strategy, Energy, Sustainability, FM, Property, Procurement and Supply Chain executives, and we believe it's the largest energy strategy benchmarking exercise to be undertaken in the UK.

It takes less than 15 minutes to complete, and all corporate participants will receive their own personalised report. All information will be held in the strictest confidence and provided to others in non-identifiable, aggregate format. It will inform the debate at GCE12, and to be clear, there is no cost to participate.

Personalised Benchmark Reports
Corporate ESB particpants who are attending Green Corporate Energy on the 27th June will get their personalised Benchmark Report included in their Event Paper, alongside additional analysis and insights. Those unable to attend GCE12 will get their personalised Benchmark results by the end of July.



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